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Agonda Beach, Goa

Still Feeling Sick in Lovely Agonda

After escaping from the European holiday destination of choice for those who want expensive dodgy beach huts (Palolem) we arrived in the much quieter, more sedate town of Agonda, also on the beach.

I was mostly ill in bed for this time so did not take many photos and Henry went out exploring on foot on his own. We had a lovely room with attached bathroom (essential for me) and balcony but unfortunately no wifi.  This is a (another) sunset photograph that I took when I made it out of the room for half an hour. The beach was almost deserted.

On our second day there I was feeling a little stronger and we went out to try and find somewhere else to move to that did have wifi and we met a lovely French woman (who looked about 55 but was actually 80) who told us about where she was living. It sounded good (quiet and with wifi) so we packed our bags and headed to Galgibaga Beach in a rickshaw with her.  

This is a cute puppy who kept us company when we were eating our breakfast.

(Agonda, 3rd – 4th January 2012)


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