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Us in Singapore for a Low cost visa run

Two (Almost Free) Days in Singapore

A Quick Visa Run via First Class Coach In some ways Malaysia has very generous visa provisions.  For us, with our now well stamped UK passports, it means we qualify for a visa on arrival (VOA) that is valid for three whole months (well, 90 more »

Transtar Luxury seats

Review: Transtar Luxury Coach KL to Singapore

We Test the Transtar ‘First Class’ Coach Experience We’d seen the photos and were excited to travel in ‘first class’ luxury. How did our visa run on the Transtar Solitaire Coach turn out? Did it live up to our super high expectations? Online Booking I more »

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The Map is Back

I’ve just finished a new map of our adventure so far. I finally gave up on the other map with the lines to show our route and settled on a much simpler solution. It shows many of the places we’ve stayed so you can get more »

Singapore long exposure

Gallery Update: Singapore and Cambodia

The gallery page has been updated and 2 new collections are ready to view now! I have put together a few photos from our 5 days in Singapore (in September) and 257 from our month in Cambodia. Click here to visit the gallery.     more »