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Christmas Eve, Kannur (Cannanore)

Christmas Eve in Kerala

Hello everyone, happy Christmas!

So, it is Christmas eve and we’re sitting in an apartment no less! We found this place online on Henry’s trusty new phone a couple of days ago when we were staying for the night in a lovely but expensive and remote guesthouse south of the city of Kannur.  The guesthouse had basic rooms but amazing views and a path down to a sandy beach with a river just behind it. The beach there was OK but we did not fancy swimming as there were many fishermen there for most of the day (not that they are dangerous or anything!) and quite a lot of rubbish just around as well that spoiled it a bit.

However, Henry went exploring and came back beaming that he had found a beach for just us. Well, it was amazing. We had the whole small, pristine beach to ourselves after a little climb. The water was clean and not rough at all and there were some rock pools to explore, palms for shade and we could still see the guesthouse.  (photos to follow)

So now, we’re in the small city of Kannur, incidentally voted in the top ten of India’s best places to live, settled into an apartment with another British couple we met a couple of days ago; Tamarin and Damien. We found the apartment a few days ago and when we met them they were not happy with their accommodation being so far away from everything so today they moved in here. We are sharing a kitchen, living room and dining room and have rooms with bathrooms each. Very nice! The price is about what we have been paying for a normal room up until now which is a bonus.  

We’ve been to the supermarket and have been making our own coffee, noodles and toast; tomorrow we’re having eggy bread and beans for breakfast! We’re also all going to the local very posh hotel for their special Christmas Day Buffet deal which is R750 (about £8) for 2 and includes wine. Lovely.

I’m thinking about you all at home and wishing everyone all the best for this Christmas holiday season and a very happy New Year. 

P.S. I know there are some blog posts missing but I am catching up… They’ll be dated when I wrote them so will seem to go back in time I think…

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