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Fort Angelo, Kannur (Boxing Day part 2)

Visiting Fort Angelo

After the excitement of the flower show we were herded past many other stalls selling cloth, household items and pet supplies, competitions to win a washing machine and a motorbike, and some weird looking inventions  – we sat down to have a drink.  We had a glass of chai and a man came up to us to say how pleased he, and the other customers of the stall were, to have us there. It was special and made him happy, he said, that we foreigners had come to drink tea with them) (and no, I don’t all of a sudden like tea but that really was the only option and I was thirsty)

We set off to actually see one of the tourist things in the Lonely Planet: Fort Angelo. Built by the Portuguese and added to by the Dutch later it was a tuk tuk (rickshaw) ride away at the edge of town.

We were quite hot and worn out after exploring the fort during the hottest part of the day so we headed back into town to go home, just in time to see this little gang heading into the city centre for the evening… (the other traffic just has to sort of work around them)


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