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Massages in Trivandrum

An Ayurvedic Massage – Be Careful What You Wish For!

Dawn on Putenthorpe Beach near Trivandrum

Dawn view from just outside our room

Yesterday Henry and I experienced an Ayurvedic massage. The whole treatment lasted for about an hour and a half and consisted of a head massage, a full body massage (and it really was full body) some time in a steam box and I also had a facial. There was an incredible amount of oil;  so much so that I was sloshing and sliding around on the bed.  It was relaxing at times but having two complete strangers rub you ALL OVER (yes I had my top off, all I was wearing was a scrap of cloth like a sumo wrestler) is disconcerting. They were good, and in sync but it was still odd. I think I liked the head part best. For all of this we paid about £12 each. Henry felt slightly violated and would have preferred his treatment to be done by two lovely ladies instead of the two gents he had. After the steam box I was given a small bar of soap, a towel and a bucket of water and shown to a little room. Getting that much oil out of my hair is a challenge I won’t forget.

Today we plan to venture into Trivandrum which is where we flew into. We need to pick up a few things hopefully including a treatment for mossie bites as I have about 25 now. I have used loads of repellant, Henry has used none and has 1 bite. So unfair.

Our Internet connection is not available in the room so we think that our next hotel that is something we will look for. In the restaurant it is very easy to get distracted by chatting to the other guests and I feel a bit rude typing at breakfast, like now. Anyway, more info and photos to follow…

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