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Old Goa, a day trip from Benaulim

View from the train

Old Goa: Mostly Churches

Our day in Old Goa was full of old churches and chapels. It was what the guides had foretold but not very exciting and Henry does not now want to see another church for a long time. Our adventure started with a crowded bus ride to Margao then, due to arriving at the station moments before the train was leaving, a ticketless train journey northwards towards the old capital of the state.

The first church we looked at was the Basilica of Bom Jesus, one of the number one ‘things to do’ in Goa. It is famous for hosing the remains of St Francis Xavier. We wandered around and looked at all the impressive gold work then, next to the famous remains, I was trying to take this photo of a rather bloody Jesus when Henry was mobbed.

The Super Star Treatment

It was a school party of at least 30 and all of them wanted to take a picture of and be in a picture with Henry. He was a superstar for a time. He wore some sunglasses on request and smiled away. None of them really spoke to him but the teacher came up to us both afterwards and asked where we were from and said thank you.

The day continued in a much more subdued way after that excitement and we saw many churches and a couple of museums and learnt a bit about the history of Goa.

The train did not return until about 6pm and we had had enough long before that so we got a bus back to Margao that took over 2 hours but gave us some nice scenery to look at.

Old Goa – 9th February 2012

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