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Street Art in Chiang Mai

Recording the Outdoor Artistry of the City

Crossed arm robot street art Chiang Mai

Variations on the crossed arm robot can be seen all over Chiang Mai. I like him / her!

This is very much an image based post to showcase some of the street art we saw during our few months in the northern city of Chiang Mai in Thailand.  I never went out of my way to find pieces to capture but they always caught my eye when I did see them so I started to take photos…

Little Red Riding Hood Chiang MaiThe first few here are from places within the old city walls.  These next ones only show a part of a much larger piece but I was unable to capture it due to the narrowness of the alleyways and my lens not being wide enough.

plugged in monster

Cool duckcool duck 2


space lady street art Chiang Mai

The ‘Read Me’ Collection at  Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Centre

It was when I saw this next collection at the back of the shopping complex that I decided I would make a little post out of my photos.  I had been shopping on my bike and was looking for a way out when I came across these, I think they were mostly done for the CNX Read Me tour which was a campaign to promote reading.

 Kad Suan Kaew Li Mo

 Kad Suan Kaew B+W face


Hairy Skateboarder 'Rud'  Kad Suan Kaew

Wormy chicken 1 at  Kad Suan Kaew


Wormy chicken 2 at  Kad Suan Kaew

And a close up…

Blue Monster at  Kad Suan Kaew


Tin TIn Garfield mash up at Kad Suan Kaew

Bird with a book at  Kad Suan Kaew in Chiang Mai - Street art


man swallowing man? at  Kad Suan Kaew in Chiang Mai

I saw this style of face a few times around the city… WNP?

Topless lady with flowers at  Kad Suan Kaew, Chiang Mai street art"I am guitar" at  Kad Suan Kaew in Chiang Mai - Street Artbrain man at  Kad Suan Kaew in Chiang MaiAnna at  Kad Suan Kaew in Chiang Mai_street art

Blue Characters reading at  Kad Suan Kaew in Chaing Mai

Back to some others from around and about.  These were really near our hotel, on one long, low wall.

Low Wall birds. Chiang Mai Street Art

Elephant with a bird holding tail - street art in CM

And then some other random ones to finish on…

CND mouse street art Chiang Mai

'wish' street art Chiang Mai


Man in a hat street art Chiang Mai

"what is art?" street art Chiang Mai this was next to a hostel

Part of a hostel if I remember correctly

Kurt Cobain the angel street art Chiang Mai

I saw this stencil all over the place

Frog on a motorbike outside a bar street art Chiang Mai

Fish in fish street art Chiang Mai

All photos by Jen © 2014. I’d be pleased to give credit to the artists if anyone wants to let me know names/tags.

Street Art in Chiang Mai, Thailand: taken between July and October 2013

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