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The Map is Back

I’ve just finished a new map of our adventure so far. I finally gave up on the other map with the lines to show our route and settled on a much simpler solution. It shows many of the places we’ve stayed so you can get idea where our journey has taken us.

View minisuitcase Map 2013 in a larger map

The map is not full of photos, to see multiple pictures of each destination check out the gallery page

4 thoughts on “The Map is Back”

  1. James says:

    Hi Henry & Jen – Looks like you are having a fantastic time and the photos look great! We’ll have to catch up when/if you return… it’s not too cold here! cough…

    1. Jen says:

      Hi James!

      I hear it is a little chilly there!

      We’re feeling the cooler breeze on the coast here and it is a full 10° colder than in HCMC. Henry keeps saying “its freezing!” and I have to assure him that 27° is by no means “freezing” and remind him of the snow at home. Glad you’re enjoying the blog and the pics, more to come soon hopefully!


  2. elaine alsford says:

    hi Jenn & Henry, thank you for your recent posts. so interesting. I never realised Vietnam was so beautiful! I particularly liked the photos of the caves with the streaming sunlight and you both on your easy-riders, what freedom! I always look forward to reading about your continued adventures, keep on posting please! take good care, love and miss you lots xxxx

    1. Jen says:

      Thanks Elaine!

      We’ve been settled in Hue for a while now so thats why there have not been many posts recently. I’ll try to get another one up soon. The caves were pretty nice to visit and it was so cool inside, such a relief! The easy-rider trip was great, we’d have even more freedom if we rented bikes for ourselves but we’re just not brave enough!

      Love and miss you too, Jen xx

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