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A Floating Market: Khlong Latmayom

Well, you cannot come to Thailand and not see a floating market, that is what a lot of the online guides tell us. So, after some careful research, we decided on one that was not a tourist trap and we were rewarded with a great, very Thai, day out. We saw no other tourists for the whole day which was refreshing – not even a sexpat!

As we both took so many photographs on this day out I thought I could let the pictures mostly tell the story…

Mini quails eggs for breakfast
Lots of fresh food for sale from the boats

There was also cooked food for sale on the shoreline and the boats…

All the sellers/chefs were completely comfortable with sitting next to an open gas flame and a wok of boiling hot fat in an unstable boat.

Having a quick break and reviewing our pictures so far
Then we walked upstream a bit away from the market…

This is model of a ‘superstar’ monk available for sale

Finally, Henry gets the prize for ‘best animal picture of the day’ for this lovely goat, taken at a kids farmyard area.

That was our great Thai day out at Khlong Latmayon market, northwest of Bangkok; a highly recommended day trip!

Bangkok 9th June 2012


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