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Back in KL and Trying Out Street Photography

What Do You Capture When You First Try Street Photography?

See some of my first attempts!





So, after an amazing time back home in the UK I am back in Malaysia with Henry. At home I caught up with family, friends and old colleagues and attended lots of special events. During my one month at home I had one of my best friend’s birthdays, a hen do, another one of my best friend’s weddings, a christening, a funeral and a festival.  I was certainly rather busy! A massive thank you to all who put me up, fed me and kept me warm during my stay (as my mum predicted, I really felt the cold.)

To save money I had chosen an odd flight back via Colombo with Sri Lankan Airlines and I was preparing myself for a 12 hour wait at Colombo airport. As it turned out I was entitled to a hotel stay and I was treated to transport to and from a lovely hotel and I was able to have a shower, a sleep and two meals for free; bargain!

The blog is still rather out of date and I’m preparing a post for Bali at the moment. I also need to do one for Singapore and update the gallery page.

In my absence Henry had been reading about ‘Street Photography’ and after showing me some examples we were both keen to give it a go. He uploaded a few of his yesterday and here are a few from my first few days as a street photographer…

(I’ve chosen to make all my images black and white this time as this is what a lot of other street photographers do; apparently it it means there are fewer distractions from what is actually happening in the scene. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it though as my new camera (Henry’s old Sony NEX-5N) is s great at capturing the vibrant colours we are surrounded by… I think I may keep the colour in the future.)



Selling shoes at the illegal early morning market in Chinatown

(Click on the pink ‘continue reading’ link to see the other photos; we are trying to make the home page load a little faster)

Child seller at early morning market

Fake handbags for sale in Chinatown

Food seller on Jalan Sultan

Waiting at the lights


Washing up behind a food stall, Chinatown

Sheltering from the rain

DVD seller, Chinatown

He saw the camera!

Florist, Chinatown

Cigarette break

Street cleaner, Jalan Sultan


Customer at fruit stall

Crossing the road

Pudu Market

Pudu Market

Pudu Market

Pudu Market

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