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First blog post

Well, we decided to embark on this epic adventure just a few weeks ago and I have had so many tips, such a wealth of great advice and recommendations that I felt I just had to record it somewhere and a blog seemed to be the right place to do it.

We intend to become ‘digital nomads’ for a year or so and see as much of possible of Asia.  I want to become practiced at blogging on the move from a mobile and although I’m working on a Macbook pro at the moment I will be using a Blackberry or a tiny notebook when we’re on the go. Henry is experienced in these matters and will be advising me but I’m new to the whole blogging world.

Hopefully you will see our plans develop and then as the big day approaches (late August / early September) there will be some coverage of what we decide to take and then a record, with lots of photos, of our journey.

The name came about as we will be doing this trip with only hand luggage (!)



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