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Kannur (Boxing Day part 1)

What do you do on Boxing Day when it is 35° and you are in Kerala? Go for a walk of course!

In keeping with tradition, although Henry often does not believe in them, we went for a massive walk on Boxing Day. We left really early when it was nice and cool and saw lots of the city.

All the flowers in this shop look so fresh and bright in the heat as they are all fake.

This cow was unusual as he was in a field, not roaming free like most cows here. Seemed happy though, we’ve seen the wandering cows eating rubbish, newspaper and all sorts.

Garden Exhibition in Kannur

On our adventure around town we came across a temporary exhibition laid out in the open, undeveloped field in the centre of the city. It was a flower show and Henry absolutely made my day by agreeing to go there. (He has never shown any inclination whatsoever before to join me in visiting open gardens, flower shows and garden centres.) So, we paid our R25 (about 30p) entry and as it was so hot (perhaps 11am, about 36 degrees) we sat down and had an ice cream in the shade to start with.  A quick look confirmed this was not Chelsea. It was more a collection of local nurseries with their wares laid out in neat rows but no real ‘show’ element. There were many familiar plants to the UK which I had not seen growing here before and many of what we treat as houseplants which I have seen here all over the place.

Henry got me a lovely gerbera from this display.

[Blogsy Note: Blogsy, the app I’m using to write this blog on the iPad, seems to have a problem with lots of pictures in one entry so this will continue…]

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