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Not partying on Palolem Beach, Goa

Arriving in Palolem was like arriving in a not very posh Spanish resort. It was packed with tourists from all over the world including backpackers, families, older travellers and Indian tourists. The beach hut we rented for the night was right on the beach but was crowded with other huts and restaurants and sun loungers and not ‘luxury’ as the name suggested.  These photos were taken much later in the day when many people had left the beach to start drinking.

This hut may look pretty, and it was, but it was not mossie proof although it did have a net, the front door and the windows did not close properly, the tap would not turn off and the cold shower was a dribble. The luxury part was because we had our own and not a shared bathroom.  You can see how small it was from the angle of the photo. All these things might not have mattered so much if it had not cost a lot more than we have paid in a long time.

Still feeling unwell I did not really want to sit on our little porch about 10ft from strangers getting drunk and listening to terrible music. So, we were over the whole hut thing and decided that box was ticked after one night and headed to a much quieter beach nearby – Agonda. 
Palolem Beach, Goa: 2nd – 3rd January 2012

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